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Enjoy a self-captained 1 hour evening Holiday Light cruise on beautiful Lake Washington.

All Duffy boats are fully enclosed, outfitted with heaters in the cabin, decorated, and includes complimentary beverages and festive treats!

Duffy Boats


All of our standard Duffy boats seat up to 10 comfortably 

  • Duff'n Cougs: 21' Sun Cruiser with back deck decorated in red. Located in Renton

  • Duff'n Dawgs: 21' Sun Cruiser with back deck decorated in purple.

  • Duff'n Hawks: 21' Seahawks Duffy decorated in green lights.

  • Duff'n Goodtimes: 21' Old Bay decorated in colorful lights. 

  • Duff'n Day Dream'n: 21 Old Bay decorated in blue lights. 

Duff'n Around (Luxury Duffy Boat) Located in Renton


Duff'n Around is our 22' Luxury Duffy seats up to 12 comfortably, is equipped with extra space, a fridge, two tables and more.

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